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Centre for Homelessness Impact

Supporting people at risk of homelessness in Kirklees to live independent and fulfilling lives, in their own homes

Kirklees Better Outcomes Partnership (KBOP) is an alliance of eight specialist organisations, collaborating to empower and enable individuals at risk of homelessness to achieve their potential and live independent and fulfilling lives.

Across the beautiful rural and urban locations of Kirklees, we focus on supporting and stabilising our participants’ accommodation, so they can live in a safe and settled home. At the same time, we work with participants to understand their goals and ambitions, doing whatever we can to empower them to achieve these.

How do we work?

Operating as a “Floating Support” service, we return power back to an individual – so they can determine their own priorities and lead us in our support efforts.


We use an asset-based model to build on strengths, motivations, and personal ambitions, improving lives across a range of areas including:


Accessing and sustaining suitable accommodation


Improving personal safety in relation to domestic violence


Reducing the risk of reoffending

health & well-being

Engaging with health and substance misuse services


Completing educational and training qualifications


Entering and sustaining employment opportunities

Our key question:
What do you want to do
how can we get you there?

Our Partners

Our unique strength is our shared expertise and partnership. KBOP is a consortia of eight local organisations, each with high levels of knowledge and experience across housing, homelessness, domestic abuse and mental health. Together, we have united to listen, empower and enable individuals across Kirklees to achieve their ambitions:

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Fusion Housing is a non-profit making charity working to help individuals who are experiencing housing related problems and need support with learning and employment.

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Foundation are a registered charity that provide support for vulnerable individuals to manage a tenancy, find a job, tackle addiction and improve their relationships.

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Community Links is a mental health charity pioneering a wide range of life-changing mental health and well-being services throughout the Yorkshire and Humber region.

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Horton Housing are a not-for-profit organisation which provides housing, training and support services across Bradford, Calderdale, Kirklees and North Yorkshire. They work with a wide range of clients including people who are homeless, have mental health challenges, drug or alcohol issues, refugees, and people with disabilities.

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Connect Housing is a housing association in West Yorkshire with over 3000 homes. They offer a wide range of other support services for families, young people, older people, those with disabilities, people with mental health issues and domestic violence victims.

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Home Group is one of the largest Housing Associations in the UK, providing new homes and houses for affordable rent. In addition, they provide long term integrated housing, health and social care to vulnerable members of society.


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PDVG are a registered charity that provides support, advice, information and safe accommodation to anyone effected by or experiencing domestic abuse. PDVG has been in operation delivering a range of specialist domestic abuse services in Kirklees since 2002.

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Making Space are a national charity providing health and social care services for adults with mental health conditions, learning disabilities, dementia and their carers.


For a directory of other useful contacts: 


To get involved in our work:

Our Partner

Real People, Real Lives

We provide support to real people experiencing or at risk of homelessness, in order to help them live independent and fulfilling lives.


Read about Marta*, Gijjar* and Lisa*, along with experiences of other individuals we have supported:


*not participants' real names



...Having mapped out next steps with her support worker, Marta felt understood, encouraged and ready to apply for jobs again.



...After intensive support which saw Gijjar now managing his mental health well and celebrating sobriety from addiction, his employment aspirations began to really progress.



...Lisa was quickly linked into a very proactive engagement worker and feels she couldn’t have been supported any better.

Are you or is someone you know sleeping rough?

If you are worried about someone who is sleeping rough in the area, you can alert Kirklees Council via their dedicated webpage.

Alternatively, you can contact KBOP via our online form, or via our enquiries options, here.

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