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About us

Kirklees Better Outcomes Partnership (KBOP) was developed in 2019 as a collaborative ambition to prevent homelessness and deliver better outcomes for individuals across Kirklees, in a more efficient and effective way.


Our unique strength is our shared expertise and partnership. KBOP is a consortium of eight local organisations, each with high levels of knowledge and experience across housing, homelessness, domestic abuse and mental health, who have united to listen, empower and enable individuals across Kirklees to achieve their ambitions.

Our Vision

Many individuals we work with have experienced severe and multiple disadvantages, but they also have hopes, aspirations, goals and determination.

Our vision is to listen to, enable and empower individuals to thrive in their community.

Working together with partners, we understand peoples’ ambitions and goals, while challenging perceptions, practice, and deficit-based assumptions. We strive to give individuals the confidence to believe in themselves and their strengths, so they can overcome barriers independently and feel safe, secure, and happy in their home.


Understand an individual’s hopes, aspirations and goals.


Work together to identify & facilitate these ambitions and have a positive impact for individuals and communities in Kirklees.


Give an individual the tools / confidence to achieve their ambition, supporting them where required, so they can successfully rebuild their lives and achieve independence.

Read about some of the real people we've supported to improve their lives:

How do we achieve our vision?

Changing the system, not the person


While previous contracts restricted the type and length of service our partners could offer, our flexible, innovative and asset-based approach to delivery ensures that any individual working with KBOP receives person-centred interventions.

These interventions enable individuals to avoid reaching the point of homelessness and to achieve their individual aspirations.

Operating as a “Floating Support” service, we return power back to an individual – so they can determine their own priorities and lead us in our support efforts. This approach moves away from traditional, deficit-based, one-size-fits-all styles of support, in which services focus linearly on ‘problems’. We instead offer a tailored, flexible, transformative and positive asset-based support service.

We believe that if you really get to know a person and empower them with their strengths, you can improve their internal motivation – and ultimately create sustainable change. KBOP is committed to advancing this approach individually, organisationally and systemically.


Centre for Homelessness Impact

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We are proud to continue to be recognised for our vital work

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