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Education, Training & Employment

Local Partner Access

At KBOP we are lucky to be based in Kirklees, a local authority full of exceptional education, training and employment (ETE) provisions that are easily accessible to the community.  We work closely with a range of employability services such as Works Better, Reed in Partnership and Maximus, as well as a number of training and learning providers such as Realise Training, DIP Training and Kirklees College, listed below.

Whether in search of a new job, training, or education, we can work hand in hand with KBOP participants and partner services to create realities from ambitions. We pride ourselves on our well-rounded service and tailor individual action plans to how our participants wish to take their next steps.

Opportunities for KBOP participants

It all starts with a conversation.

Since 2019, the KBOP partnership and its fantastic team have supported hundreds of people into sustainable education, training, and employment (ETE) opportunities. Together, we continue to seek out opportunities for people in our community to build meaningful lives by providing a service that allows them to pursue their genuine passions.

Healthcare, construction, IT services... you name it! The KBOP team has assisted people into a wide range of job opportunities and sectors. In addition, we have strong links with partner services to enable personal development such as upskilling, learning, and the pursuit of relevant qualifications. So, whether someone needs to gain an SIA badge, achieve that GCSE in English, or update their CV, we can work with them to take the next steps on their professional journeys.


Peer Mentor Programme

Michael is our incredible Peer Mentor Coordinator. Read how about his journey and how started off in peer mentoring, in his blog

Employment Support contacts

Training Support contacts

Are you or is someone you know sleeping rough?

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